The Rebate Bus platform allows you to search for utility incentives by zip code, program or product.


Our team offers full-service support throughout the entire rebate process.


The Rebate Bus API allows you to connect products to available rebates, in real time.

Rebate Bus is web-based rebate intelligence company delivering data-driven market insights and accelerated fulfillment solutions for businesses eligible to participate in energy efficiency incentive programs.

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Companies Powered by Rebate Bus

"Rebate Bus is an extremely professional organization. Joe and his team always go the extra mile to make any process better.”

- Senior Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting

"Rebate Bus is a leading rebate software that makes it easier for customers to get improved lighting that is more energy efficient based on offering logical, easy to use, rebate solutions. Their strong work ethic and good attitudes, as well as unique software, make them easy to support."

- Vice President of Marketing,

"Rebate Bus has been an excellent tool for on the fly, as well as down and dirty Utility Data. The Rebate Bus team is very responsive and adaptable."

- E-Commerce Manager, LED Supply Co

"We have already seen an uptick in program participation across the board since the integration, and I have received nothing but great feedback thus far from our Sales Reps.

- Utility Manager,

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