Use Rebate Bus to find Utility Energy Efficiency Programs across North America


Book a 30-minute meeting with Rebate Bus at Light Fair International in Chicago. Meet our team, demo our rebate platform and learn about our Rebate Bus Pro Services


Rebate Bus Pro Members experience a simplified utility rebate experience. We handle rebate estimates and fulfillment for both single and multi-site projects, retrofits and new construction. Our team handles the process and can even setup instant rebates for your e-commerce site

Online Instant Utility Rebates

Eligible Ameren Illinois, DP&L and Entergy Arkansas business customers can shop at Rebate Bus Pro integrated e-commerce shops to receive an Instant Utility Rebate -  More utilities coming soon!



Our team offers full-service support with leveraging utility incentives for project estimates and applications.


Our platform empowers users to interactively find utility incentives and showcase select rebate data as a personalized widget.


Our software is applicable to a host of customers representing the markets involved in delivering utility incentives.

Rebate Bus has been built to accelerate the delivery of utility incentives. Connecting integrated qualified product data with aggregated utility program data simplifies utility incentives for reliable estimates, applications, and instant transactions.

Utilities Covered
Unique Utility Rebates

 Rebate Accuracy

API Integrations

"Rebate Bus is an extremely professional organization. Joe and his team always go the extra mile to make any process better.”

- Senior Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting

"Rebate Bus is a leading rebate software that makes it easier for customers to get improved lighting that is more energy efficient based on offering logical, easy to use, rebate solutions. Their strong work ethic and good attitudes, as well as unique software, make them easy to support."

- Vice President of Marketing,

"Rebate Bus has been an excellent tool for on the fly, as well as down and dirty Utility Data. The Rebate Bus team is very responsive and adaptable."

- E-Commerce Manager, LED Supply Co

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Full Service Utility Rebates
Comparison table
Basic Account Rebate Bus Pro
Basic Single-User Company Enterprise
$40 /month
$400 /month
Find a Rebate for All Utilities and Qualified Products
Find a Rebate for all Utilities and Qualified Products
  Find a Rebate with Unrestricted Access and Data Downloads
Find a Rebate with Unrestricted Access and Data Downloads
  Utility Rebate Flyer Document Generator
Utility Rebate Flyer Document Generator
  ROI Tool with Integrated Rebate Data
ROI Tool with Integrated Rebate Data
  Rebate Project Estimates
Rebate Project Estimates Up to 2 free Up to 10 free Unlimited
  Rebate Fulfillment Fee
Rebate Fulfillment Fee 12% Rebate Value 10% Rebate Value 8% Rebate Value (Maximum $3,000)
  Support Channel
Support Channel Basic via Intercom Unlimited via Slack Unlimited via Slack
  Mid-Stream Rebate Program Support
Mid-Stream Rebate Program Support
  Unlimited Users
Unlimited Users
  Multi-Site Audit Tool
Multi-Site Audit Tool
  Utility Rebate Map
Utility Rebate Map on Your Site
  Full API Access
Full API Access


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