The software development team at Rebate Bus has been busy the last few weeks taking advantage of the comprehensive zip code utility data that we’ve been compiling. This week, two changes to our public Find a Rebate tool went live — zip-based utility search, and Google Maps integration.

The zip-based utility search lives right along side the classic clickable map — just tell us what zip code the project is in, and we’ll let you know about all the incentive programs that might be relevant!

Click Missouri or drill down to just a St. Louis zip — Rebate Bus has it covered.

Additionally, this week marks the live launch of the Utility Service Territory map overlay project that has been in development all summer. Thanks to the hard work of the Census Bureau, who publish the boundaries of zip codes in a GIS-compatible file, the Google Maps team, and our own Rebate Bus Analysts, we’ve been able to build a complete graphical interactive map of service territories in all 50 states.

Chicago and Chillicothe are both eligible, but the rebates are not identical!

Our very talented developer Lexi Neese found a way to merge our data, the Census files, and Google Maps in a way that makes this first-of-its-kind database a reality. Soon, we’ll be launching support for the Public Utilities Commission published maps (like this one, published in Minnesota) and maps built by our team, so that we get more accuracy than the zip codes can provide.

Check out the changes and let us know what you think by sending a message to!

Till Next Time,

Rebate Bus