Office buildings, retail stores, manufacturing plants and all other commercial facilities have one thing in common… they all consistently demand electricity. Although they may each use electricity differently, they all share the common necessity of light during hours of operation. Therefore, the total utility expense of any business must always consider the energy efficiency of its light fixtures.

Cutting utility bill expenses by upgrading light fixtures isn’t always as easy as changing a light bulb. Energy-efficient LED lamps and fixtures can sometimes be costly and full project upgrades can lead to complex utility rebate applications. Fortunately, more utilities are beginning to implement programs that incentivize business customers at the point of purchase. Instead of purchasing lighting equipment, filing for a utility rebate application and waiting weeks to receive a check in the mail, businesses can instantly verify their eligibility with a participating distributor and receive discounted prices on qualified lighting equipment.

Participating Distributors

In order for utilities to engage business customers with an instant incentive experience, they must be able to verify eligibility at the point of sale. Therefore, it is common for local vendors to become registered allies of a program to offer eligible customers discount prices. Each program has its own name for these entities, often referring to them as registered or verified distributors, retailers, vendors, trade allies or trade partners. Regardless of the title, these participating distributors offer instant incentives to end customers using discount pricing, in return for a rebate check from the program administrators.

Where does this leave E-Commerce?

Participating in an instant incentive program as a participating distributor isn’t as easy as signing up. Each program has its own terms and conditions as to what products are eligible as well as to how a customer’s eligibility is verified. For E-Commerce vendors, the process of registering as a participating distributor in each program can be time-consuming and limited. Additionally, vendors need to have reliable access to incentive data used when quoting or offering discount prices based on a customer’s utility program.

List of Participating Distributors for the Ameren Illinois Instant Incentive Program

Rebate Bus Platform

The road to becoming a participating distributor for multiple programs begins with access to a central incentive database. The Rebate Bus platform provides commercial lighting distributors with just that. By specializing in leveraging utility incentive data to serve our partners in the lighting industry, Rebate Bus has been able to help distributors participate in multiple instant incentive programs.

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