Rebate Bus is here to remind everyone that October is National Energy Awareness Month. October was declared National Energy Awareness Month 27 years ago by the Bush Administration. The goal of this platform is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability through managing the nation’s energy resources.

If this is your first time hearing about National Energy Awareness month than there is a reason for that. Its recognition has been losing popularity. Over the past decade, October’s search interest for the phrase “energy awareness month” has readily declined. Public and Private sector organizations are losing interest in running campaigns that promote energy awareness. This year, organizations need to be reminded and made aware of how to promote those values to others.

Google Trends data reflecting interest in “energy awareness month” during October over time.

Rebate Bus would like to encourage you to partner with us during the month of October to raise awareness about energy. Sustainable management of our energy resources is becoming increasingly critical and the importance of recognizing that will be what leads us to a brighter future. Let’s do our part to educate others about how energy is generated, how it’s used, and what can be done to manage it sustainably.

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