We recently posted an article to recognize National Energy Awareness Month. The month had been originally proclaimed by the Bush Administration in 1991 and just recently again by the Trump Administration. October is also National Energy Action Month since it was first proclaimed by Barack Obama in 2012. Energy Action Month is intended to take an additional step beyond energy awareness to encourage Americans to save energy, water, and money for American taxpayers.

Energy Action Month

Taking action this National Energy Action Month is the United States Air Force. Their campaign this year, #ProtectThePower, promotes energy readiness by encouraging their fellow Airmen to practice energy efficient habits and advocate smarter energy policies and procedures.

The US Air Force’s initiatives in energy solutions relate closely with what National Energy Action Month was meant for. Their campaign sets a good example of how an organization can promote a message on how to sustainably manage energy within their own community.  

National Energy Action Month is a call for involvement. All governmental and nongovernmental organizations have a role to play in managing the nation’s energy resources. Some of today’s top companies like Apple, Walmart, and Kohl’s are investing heavily towards utilizing renewable energy to power their operations. Even the oil industry is pouring billions of dollars into renewable energy projects.

Google Trends data reflecting the level of interest in October for either month since 2012.

Whether it’s awareness or action, America’s interest in energy has stayed relatively stagnant over the past 5 years. Presidential proclamations are echoed by governmental organizations, like the Air Force, but the overall interest and involvement needs to gain its own momentum to bring change.

This October, Rebate Bus will be campaigning on messages of both energy awareness and action as part of the greater #EnergyMonth. We encourage other businesses and organizations to seek opportunities that implement energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy resources.

Rebate Bus is here to help. Our database of utility programs is built to inform key decision makers of how to affordably upgrade their energy efficiency. Our team and industry network have worked to accelerate the energy incentive process making it easy for anyone to take action.

For more information on how to partner with Rebate Bus, contact team@rebatebus.com