Smart thermostats are an easy way to save money and promote energy efficiency in your home and business. By learning schedules and temperature preferences, smart thermostats make an environment more comfortable while using less energy.

On average, more than half of a household utility bill goes to heating and cooling. Utility programs are offering lucrative incentives for upgrading an existing thermostat to an ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat. Now is the time to upgrade with savings from your utility!


This marketplace, powered by Rebate Bus, is specialized and dedicated to supplying contractors and organizations participating in income-qualified energy efficiency programs with smart thermostats.

Eligible Customers Include:

  • Local governments with income qualified programs.
  • Qualified utility programs.
  • Participating contractors if they are required to purchase their own materials.
  • Agencies that run local weatherization and low income services programs.

*This program is specifically designed for income qualified, direct install programs. The product purchased through this portal cannot be resold.