Aaron Campbell

Director of Marketing

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Aaron has always pursued opportunities where he is able to express his creativity and get inspired by the world surrounding him. Originally from the Madison area, Aaron achieved his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Wisconsin. Aaron’s approach to his education was to exercise his skills in mathematics, develop his understanding of economic theory, and stay relative to today’s economy by developing technical soft skills. Aaron developed soft skills using his creativity through design coursework in imaging, animation, film, and sound which ultimately led to his minor in Digital Studies.

Since being brought on to the Rebate Bus team initially for data analysis, Aaron has exemplified his skill and interest towards growing the company’s digital marketing strategy. He has been consistent in publishing content for the Rebate Bus brand, whether it be through web design, social media, or email marketing. Now as a full-time team member, Aaron utilizes a comprehensive digital marketing approach to advertise and promote what Rebate Bus is all about as well as where it’s headed.

Aaron Campbell

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