Who We Are

Rebate Bus has a database of 15,000+ utility rebates across North America. These rebates help to subsidize the cost of energy efficiency upgrades in homes and businesses. Our dataset is comprehensive across all product lines including lighting, smart thermostats, HVAC equipment and commercial kitchen equipment.

We have contracts with manufacturers, utility companies, e-commerce vendors and energy service contractors. All of these customer segments find value in our data and software capabilities. We have built an open API that is helping the industry become more transparent in the way it makes utility rebates visible to customers.

The Rebate Bus technology stack enables utility programs to define rebate requirements and deploy them among multiple sales channels, meeting unique utility verification requirements consistently. We have a deep understanding of the critical nature of utility rebate verification, fulfillment, measurement and evaluation.


Surveys have shown that customers' experience with energy efficiency programs is positively correlated with higher customer satisfaction scores for utilities. Rebate Bus is highly focused on growing promotions with a focus on net-promoter scores. Seeking to create influencers in the market.

We believe that Rebate Bus gives utilities a way to delight customers and encourages them to upgrade their homes and businesses. We work closely with you to define program objectives, plan program concepts and execute them efficiently. Rebate Bus helps your customer get onto the path for more efficiency upgrades in the future.

Our Products


Rebate Bus API

Rebate Bus will help you understand exactly which items qualify for utility rebates across North America, keeping your sales team, customers and agents aware of key requirements and program criteria.

Data is delivered specifically for your product catalog and is kept up to date, real time by the Rebate Bus data analyst team. 

Rebate Finder

Rebate Bus will help you understand exactly which items qualify for utility rebates across North America on our Rebate Finder.

Rebate Bus Pro members have direct access to our staff for questions, support and reduced rebate fulfillment rates.


Rebate Fulfillment

Rebate Bus completes utility rebate applications for you and your customers.

You can white label our service to make it your own value added service driving engagement with your company.

We have a dedicated team of support agents who can help you close the deal and get utility rebates approved for your project. Join Rebate Bus Pro today and unlock the potential of Rebate Bus for your company.

Who We Serve



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