An Idea for Electric Utilities

Willy Street Coop — Madison, Wisconsin

What if instead of fighting distributed energy generation, you enabled it? What if electric utility programs became the reason to invest in solar?

Imagine a future where the rooftop of your home or commercial business had a real value. An economic value. Not every roof would be the same of course, some are clearly more ideal than others.

Would commercial buildings welcome an opportunity to find value in their roof? Yes, they would. This is especially the case for municipal properties who often times maintain very large facilities such as this one in Stickney, IL.

Stickney, IL Water Reclamation Plant — about 15 mins from downtown Chicago

We all know that the electric utility isn’t really going anywhere. It’s way too early for an all out adoption of distributed energy generation. Probably 20 more years or so until we see it.

The future for electric utilities though, can be imagined in a couple different ways….

  1. The electric utility pushes for high or fixed transmission & distribution costs. A utility seeking this future might find customers moving faster toward distributed energy & storage. The total market size is reduced to some degree, likely dependent on how the economic picture pans out for solar rooftops and battery storage.
  2. The electric utility enables, and encourages the adoption, where it makes sense. If the electric utility of the future looks at rooftops as potential, they could see an incredibly profitable future. Now this scenario would require you to be innovative and go against the grain. We will literally need you to stand up and make an effort to pave the way.

The market is yours to develop. We as a society want you to go clean, free and renewable where possible. We know it’s a work in progress, we know that you have decent intentions but we also know how hard it can be to change.

We need you to change, right now.

NASA Climate Data

Regardless of climate change though, don’t you want to change? The economics in # 2 are much better aligned with what you want your future to look like. Energy is your domain, are you going to let an outsider disrupt your business?

If you don’t move fast enough, you will regret it. Your regulatory efforts won’t work forever. Remember that your customers are your customers, if we are given a cleaner, more economically friendly alternative….I’m not sure who is going to protect you anymore.

If you are in a position to strategically direct your electric utility — make an effort, today. We as consumers are watching and just like we dropped transfat we can drop fossil fuels. The market is building what the consumer wants and it’s coming a lot faster than any of you imagined.

Yikes thats cheap

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Here is how one utility is making distributed energy a part of their plan

And of course, we also have this:


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