BGE Extends Retrofit Completion

Baltimore Gas and Electric

Back in April, Rebate Bus made sure members of Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) were aware of their newly increased prescriptive lighting incentives. Now, Rebate Bus is here to get the word out on a new development to BGE’s energy efficiency program for the remaining year. As of today, BGE has placed an extension on the completion for retrofit lighting applications!

Members applying for retrofit lighting incentives will now have until Sunday, December 31st to complete the installation of all eligible equipment as well as submit their final documentation (customer-signed pre-approval letter and equipment/service invoice). April’s increased prescriptive lighting incentives are as follows:

Up to $95 for LED troffers

Up to $425 for LED High Bay fixtures

Up to $440 for LED exterior luminaries

Applications must still be submitted by Friday, September 1st to take advantage of these increased incentives. However, with the extension of the completion date to the end of the year, members with major projects proposals won’t have to feel rushed.

The extension is both a sensible and practical decision made by BGE to boost member participation for energy efficiency programs. This is due to how potentially long it can take to fully upgrade a facility’s lighting to LED. Lighting distributors note that ordering a full list of eligible LED fixtures is nothing like ordering a couple bulbs off Amazon, where you’d receive your order within 3–5 business days. Instead, a complete order to upgrade an entire facility’s lighting fixtures could take a distributor anywhere from 10 days to 10 weeks to deliver the right equipment.

Rebate Bus Proposal Tool

Generating your original project proposal can also take up a large chunk of your time. Fortunately, when you become a member of Rebate Bus you’ll be able to compose your proposal for BGE directly from our site. The team at Rebate Bus has been helping utility members apply for rebates nationwide. Now is the time to have our energy efficiency experts help you through every step of the application process!


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