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Rebate Tools Empower Energy Solutions

The Rebate Bus platform has been scaled and maintained from our dependable database of utility rebate program and product information:

  • 2,500+ Utilities covered.
  • 450+ Rebate programs aggregated.
  • Over 10,000 Lighting rebates available.
  • 100% rebate value accuracy.

The platform database has been made actionable for energy solutions teams from utilizing our Rebate Finder, Rebate Fulfillment, and Rebate API.

Customers are Driven by our Online Tools

Distributors have utilized the Rebate Bus platform in customized ways to meet the needs of their customers and employees researching marketable opportunities for cost-effective and energy-efficient products online.

MaxLite, Inc.

As a manufacturer and distributor represented by multiple agencies nationwide, MaxLite has utilized the Rebate Bus platform to offer an online experience for visitors to their website to instantly find utility rebates on all MaxLite products in North America. 

This online tool has been directly integrated with the Rebate API and has been made to match the functionality of the Rebate Finder tool.

Rexel Energy Solutions

As a distributor, Rexel's energy solutions team has utilized the Rebate Finder and API to improve its performance. Rexel's own utility rebate experts have been able to effectively market to Energy Service Companies by enabling the Rebate Bus platform as their own online tool. 

Read for yourself how Rexel's team has been able to focus its support for utility rebates using the online tool powered by Rebate Bus. 

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