Efficiency and Beyond! Efficiency Vermont Brings Rebates ONLINE

Utilities are starting to see the value in bringing their energy efficiency programs online. One utility now paving the way to speeding up the program application process is Efficiency Vermont. Efficiency Vermont’s online approach will save paper and time. However, the traditional “mail-in” approach to processing utility rebates has been the industry norm for decades, so the unfamiliarity of an online process may impact the number of program applicants. To incentivize the industry to adapt to this new online method, Efficiency Vermont is now offering an additional twenty-percent increase on every rebate applied for online!

How to apply for rebates online with Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont’s online interface for applying to rebates resembles the common shopping cart checkout system used for e-commerce websites. Customers are shown rebates for lighting, HVAC, or refrigeration with the energy efficient products and appliances associated. From the list of products or appliances, customers have the capability of specifying energy parameters along with the quantity of rebates to be applied. Customers then may checkout having all applicable rebates accounted for.

The goal of making the rebate application process faster and simpler is one shared by the team at Rebate Bus and utilities nationwide.

Since the start of Rebate Bus’s presence in the industry, we’ve focused on bringing every aspect of an energy efficiency program online to achieve this goal. Whether it be our proposal tool, our utility/product search engine, or our integrated web API itself, we have been developing the tools necessary to make the industry of energy efficiency more efficient. Furthermore, utilities modernizing their energy efficiency programs, like Efficiency Vermont, serve as prime examples on how to approach online rebates.


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