Efficiency Works in Colorado, an efficiency program implementer, will be offering a 50% BONUS REBATE on all lighting upgrades for utilities: Estes Park Light and Power, Fort Collins Utilities, and Longmont Power. Commercial customers will have a window of time between August 15, 2017 and November 15, 2017 to have their projects pre-approved, completed and submitted for incentives.

A 50% BONUS REBATE means that a commercial lighting upgrade will earn an additional incentive amount of half of the original incentive! Therefore, all rebate amounts based on $/watt reduced will temporarily be half as much more! Take a look below to see how much incentives have risen and what lighting upgrades are available.

Given the narrow window of time of just four months to take advantage of these raised incentives, the application process from deciding on which fixtures to replace to drafting a final project proposal may seem daunting. Luckily the team at Rebate Bus has been helping commercial business owners and property managers nationwide through this process as more incentives are raised by utility implementers to meet their savings goals.

Save the headache associated with applying for rebates yourself and sign up today at https://www.rebatebus.com/login to find what upgrades are best for you and generate your own proposal. Feel free to reach out to our team of energy efficiency consultants at team@rebatebus.com, and we’ll set you up with the right incentives that’ll save you the most energy and earn you the most money.


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