Focus on Energy’s 2017 Small Business program has changed and it’s a good one!

The small business program is now a very low barrier program. As long as the business has an average monthly usage of 40,000 kWh or less in July and August they will qualify for an enhanced incentive and a very easy prescriptive rebate process. It’s still a mail in rebate but Franklin Energy is managing the applications and they do a good job of turning things around quickly.

Here are a few of the highlights:

$45 for a 2×2 LED Fixture replacing a 2 lamp 2G11 fluorescent fixture. If you have any more of these fluorescent pin lamps in your Wisconsin facilities this would be a great time to replace them.

2G11 Base Fluorescent Lamp

The new LED 2×2 must be DLC qualified as a new fixture or a retrofit kit. And, it must consume 85W or less.

The MaxLite LRK series would qualify for this rebate as a lensed retrofit kit.

High Bay Incentives are great, ranging from $100 — $250 depending on the replacement.

Replacing a 400W HID with a DLC qualified High Bay using 250W or less will earn $120

The energy savings on this upgrade is significant, the MaxLite Acrylic Highbay uses only 155W.

If the lights are on for an average of 16 hrs per day the expected kWh savings annually is 1,430 kWh per year / per fixture. If you are paying $0.10 per kWh expect to save $143 per year / per fixture. The payback period after the rebate on this upgrade should be around 18 months assuming an installed cost of $390 per fixture.

Downlighting might be boring but it’s an easy install and the rebates are solid.

How many of you still see these in the ceiling? Hot, yellowed cans cooked with incandescent lamps, gross.

If you replace the existing lamp and trim with a fully integrated LED fixture such as this one you can expect a rebate of $15 — $20 depending on wattage.

Exterior and Interior Signage is now in the program!

This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade old menu signs and exterior business signage. Focus will pay $0.50 per Watt reduced outdoor and $0.40 per watt reduced indoor.

The way they calculate the rebate is by taking the existing wattage draw and calculating what the saved watts will be after the upgrade. Multiplied by the appropriate rebate value, you have your rebate!

There are a ton of other nuggets of value in the new program as well — take a look at the application here

Rebate Bus is updating our software to account for all three sets of rebate values, the BIP, Multi-Family and Small Business Program. If you have any questions on the rebate opportunities in Wisconsin send us an email at


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