Illinois Commerce Commission

The ICC oversees the provision of adequate, reliable, efficient and safe utility services at the least possible cost to Illinois citizens served by electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water and sewer public utility companies.
- Illinois Commerce Commission

State Commissioners

Brein J. Sheahan

Sadzi Martha Oliva

Miguel del Valle

Sherina Maye Edwards

Maida J. Coleman

Illinois Commerce Commission News

We want YOU to be safe around electricity! 🏊 When cleaning the pool, be aware of overhead power lines and avoid making contact with them while using long-handled tools like a pool skimmer. #ComEdSafety #NationalSafetyMonth

“Illinois has become a leader in renewables and energy innovation due in part to recent policy decisions, including the Electric Infrastructure Modernization Act and the Future Energy Jobs Act. Next, the focus, will be on NextGrid Illinois”

Today is the longest day of year! If you’re out late, don’t use tracks as a shortcut—it’s illegal and incredibly dangerous. #SummerSolstice

SCAM ALERT. Businesses are receiving calls from someone who claims to be with Ameren Illinois demanding immediate payment by pre-paid card or be disconnected. This is a scam. Hang up and call us at 800.755.5000 and local police.

Did you know natural gas is odorless? We add a chemical odorant called mercaptan that gives it a rotten egg odor.

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Illinois Commerce Commission
527 East Capitol Avenue,
Springfield, IL


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