Kentucky Public Service Commission

The mission of the Kentucky Public Service Commission is to foster the provision of safe and reliable service at a reasonable price to the customers of jurisdictional utilities while providing for the financial stability of those utilities by setting fair and just rates, and supporting their operational competence by overseeing regulated activities.

Currently, the Commission regulates the intrastate rates and services of investor-owned electric, natural gas, telephone, water and sewage utilities, customer-owned electric and telephone cooperatives, water districts and associations, and certain aspects of gas pipelines. The following are some of the areas for which the Commission has regulatory responsibility:

  1. Rate increase or reduction.
  2. Expansion or reduction of utility service boundaries.
  3. Construction and operation of utility facilities.
  4. Meter accuracy.
  5. Operating conditions of a utility.
  6. Management audits.
  7. Valuation of utility property.
  8. Natural gas and coal purchasing practices.
  9. Issuance or assumption of securities by a utility.
  10. Consumer complaints.
  11. Compliance with service and safety regulations.

- Kentucky Public Service Commission

State Commissioners

Michael J. Schmitt

Robert Cicero
Vice Chairman

Talina R. Mathews

Kentucky Public Service Commission News

Interested in working at the PSC and digging into the details of utility rates? see below:

PSC reauthorizes most energy efficiency programs requested by KU/LG&E. Portfolio of programs shrinks as those that are no longer cost-effective are dropped. Read order here:
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PSC rejects plan by South Kentucky RECC to make major power purchase from outside East Kentucky Power Coop. system.

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Order here:

PSC Orders Credit for Delta Natural Gas Customers to Reflect Federal Tax Changes -
read order here:

news release here:

Next PSC water training, and last chance for new water district commissioners to get required training in 2018, will be at PSC in Frankfort on Dec. 4&5. 2/2

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