LED Upgrades are a Cash Cow!

Lighting in dairy farms can make up for nearly twenty percent of the farm’s own electrical usage. However, with energy efficient LED lighting this proportional expense can be brought down to just over eight percent of a dairy farm’s electrical usage.

With the common applicable use of high-bay lighting fixtures illuminating dairy farms, an upgrade to more efficient fixtures is made more cost-effective and leads to further incentives. An inefficient non-LED high-bay fixture operating on 600 watts can easily be replaced by an efficient LED high-bay fixture operating on just 250 watts, while maintaining the same amount of lumens (quantity of light being emitted). With standard annual operating hours for lighting dairy farms at about 60,000 hours, LED high-bays bring down the expense 58% from paying for 36,000 kWh to just 15,000 kWh annually per fixture. Thus, assuming a dairy farm using only high-bay fixtures upgrades to low-wattage LED fixtures, it can bring that 20% of electrical usage on lighting down to 8.4%.

The motive to save more on your energy bill does come at a price, LEDs are generally more expensive than less-efficient alternatives. However, utilities with energy savings goals now offer cash incentives to those choosing to upgrade by paying them back a prescriptive rebate amount per however many fixtures are replaced. From the utility rebate data at Rebate Bus, we’ve come up with the Top 5 prescriptive lighting rebates for high-bay fixture upgrades from various utilities seen above.

The milk cow inventory in the U.S indicates that there could be plenty of dairy farms using one of these Top 5 utilities for their power. Thus, there is great potential for these dairy farms to increase efficiency of production. Maryland, a state in which dairy farms have significantly decreased, has surprisingly increased their milk production overall. This has been the result of having just a few dairy farms operating efficiently. The transition towards more energy efficiency comes from utilities like Potomac Edison incentivizing it. Thus, Maryland has the highest cash incentive on LED high-bay fixtures of $400.

A major hot spot linking valuable incentives to where there is potential for dairy farm lighting, is the service area for the Owatonna Public Utilities in Minnesota. There are up to 17 dairy farms in Owatonna of differing sizes., some of which could potentially be in need of an energy efficiency upgrade. With one of the top incentives offered on LED high-bay fixtures in the country, the move towards more energy efficiency is a worthy investment.


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