Michigan Public Service Commission

Goals of the Michigan Public Service Commission:

  1. Establish fair and reasonable rates for regulated services and adopt and administer fair terms and conditions of service for Michigan's utility customers consistent with state and federal law and regulations.
  2. Assure adequate and reliable supplies of regulated services to all Michigan customers, and the safe and efficient production, distribution, and use of the State's energy and telecommunications services.
  3. Assure the security of Michigan's critical infrastructure by promoting physical and cyber security with regulated utilities.
  4. Support adoption of advanced technologies like broadband telecommunications, efficient renewable energy resources, and energy waste reduction innovations.
  5. Provide customers with the opportunity to choose alternative electric, natural gas, and telecommunications providers.
  6. Provide regulatory oversight in a prudent and efficient manner while implementing legislative and constitutional requirements.
  7. Maintain open communication to external stakeholders, customers, and the general public.

- Michigan Public Service Commission

State Commissioners

Sally A. Talberg

Norman J. Saari

Rachael A. Eubanks

Michigan Public Service Commission News

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Michigan Public Service Commission
7109 W. Saginaw Highway
Lansing, MI 48917


Phone: 517-284-8100
Toll Free: 517-284-8304
Email: mpsc_commissioners@michigan.gov


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