Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

The Public Utilities Commission comprises two distinct regulatory bodies: a three-member Commission (Commission) and the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (Division).

Although two distinct regulatory bodies, the Commission and Division generally operate in concert. This is evidenced by the Division’s status as an indispensable party in all Commission proceedings, and the Division’s statutory charge to enforce all directives of the Commission. Both entities may conduct inquiries, investigations and hearings to effectuate their respective duties. Both may issue orders that have the force and effect of law.

The Public Utilities Commission serves as a quasi-judicial tribunal with jurisdiction, powers, and duties to implement and enforce the standards of conduct under §39-1-27.6 and to hold investigations and hearings involving the rates, tariffs, tolls, and charges, and the sufficiency and reasonableness of facilities and accommodations of railroad, ferry boats, gas, electric distribution, water, telephone, telegraph, and pipeline public utilities, the location of railroad depots and stations, and the control of grade crossings, the revocation, suspension or alteration of certificates issued pursuant to §39-19-4, appeals under §39-1-30, petitions under §39-1-31, and proceedings under §39-1-32.

- Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

State Commissioners

Margaret Curran

Marion Gold

Abigail Anthony



RI Public Utilities Commission,
89 Jefferson Boulevard
Warwick, RI 02888


Phone: 401-941-4500
Email: thomas.kogut@dpuc.ri.gov

Rhode Island

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