High-Quality Rebates

Round 4 of the Rebate Bus Quality Assurance Testing measures the accuracy of the rebate’s value and overall requirements listed.

Rebate Bus has been built on the idea of simplifying the processes that go towards upgrading a technology to a higher energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency rebates across North America vary in how they are defined, how the recipient is verified, and how the rebate is delivered. For example, a general interior lamps rebate might be thought to include any light you could install as an interior fixture. However, these rebates differ depending on the specifications of the lights being replaced, whether they’re fluorescents, incandescents, halogen, or HID. It is these replacement requirements that are often different from program to program causing the definition of each and every rebate to be more complex than it should.

For the utility company administering the rebate, a valid verification method is crucial to diminishing the chance of having fraud or free ridership taking advantage of their Energy Efficiency program. Utility companies rely on accurate customer verification data to ensure energy will actually be saved from an upgrade. For example, some programs might have different rebate values across different customer types whether residential, multifamily, or commercial. Establishing a smooth and accurate verification method is what Rebate Bus is striving to achieve for all utilities. This will then allow for more rebates to become instantly actionable for all customers at checkout.

For the customer receiving the rebate, the layout for the delivery of the rebate value must be accurate to fit the customers’ budget and timeline of installation. Rebate values must not only be accurate nominally, but unitarily as well. For example, prescriptive rebates are delivered all at once with units of measure based on the products themselves, while custom rebates are delivered based on the energy saved from an upgrade. Measuring the amount of energy saved is often determined from different units such as watts, kilowatts, kilowatt hours, etc. Therefore, the Rebate Value accuracy is what is most important to the buyer of any energy-efficient product or appliance as it is the determinant of the worthiness for an upgrade.

The Rebate Bus platform for utility rebates is an idea empowered by our team of data analysts. Our team takes the human approach to digging through the data and facilitating it into a neutral rebate platform accustomed to any utility program. From the use testing, we can accurately adjust for errors across all programs to boost the value and dependability of our product. Furthermore, as our accuracy improves and we establish flexible parameters that accommodate all utility programs on one platform we can utilize the power of automation to keep our system updated, fast and even more accurate.


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