A Full-Service Solution for Leveraging Utility Incentives


Project Estimates

Send your project scopes to our support team, and you'll receive an estimate covering the value of available utility incentives along with a list of requirements and next steps to take in order to participate in the program.

Submit your project details to or to get started!

Rebate Fulfillment

Participate in any utility program by having our team submit the incentive application on your behalf. Our team has experience working with every program and is a registered ally of many. 


Unlimited Access

Register user accounts for anyone working within your business so your team can access our platform to find unique utility incentives and manage an inventory of your most commonly distributed products.

Dedicated Support

Contact our team directly in real-time via Slack. Once you've signed on as a Pro member, we will set your business up with a channel to chat with us concerning ongoing projects, available utility programs or anything you may need.

Full Data Delivery

Explore our database of utility incentive programs to find the requirements, values, and resources you need. The data can be analyzed on our website, exported or integrated with your website using our API.


Rebate Finder Map

Add an engaging web tool that raises awareness of utility programs to your website. If you distribute products, show your customers which of your products qualify for utility incentives in their area.



Gain Valuable Market Insights - Our database of utility incentive programs and qualified product information provides sales teams with reliable and useful market data reflecting where and what opportunities are active.
Save Time Closing Deals - By taking full advantage of our support team for project estimates and rebate fulfillment, you'll be able to exceed customer expectations and rely on a trusted partner to handle your utility incentive paperwork.
Engage with Customers - Our Rebate Finder Map is designed to fit the format of your business's website. Enable your customers to search for utility incentive programs that are applicable towards your featured products. 
Drive Web Traffic - Increase visitor duration on your website by providing visitors with an additional resource for finding what products are the most affordable and energy-efficient.


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