Integrate with our platform to deliver utility incentive data instantly

Do more with our data

Rebate Bus has scaled and maintained an open database for utility program and product data. Our API software contains helpful definitions, protocols, and tools built to work with our database of:

  • 2,500+ Utilities covered.
  • 450+ Rebate programs aggregated.
  • Over 17,000+ rebates.
  • 100% rebate value accuracy.

Sync your product inventory with DLC and/or Energy Star Qualified Products Lists, then use the Rebate Bus API to deliver data on locally available utility incentives.

Online Instant Utility Incentives for E-Commerce

E-Commerce vendors can engage customers using applications built with our API to deliver instant verification and fulfillment of utility programs on their products. 

In-Store Instant Utility Rebates for Retail

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers can utilize our couponing software to deliver instant rebate verification on energy-efficient products in-store.

Let us learn from you, how our Rebate API software can be appropriately integrated to improve your business. 

Rebate API

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