Software Integrations

Our proprietary rebate data software has been built from the ground up to be integrated with other online systems using a powerful API.

Our Software

We serve end-customers, vendors, and utility companies alike by delivering transparent rebate data that can effectively match rebate programs with their qualified products. The software development team at Rebate Bus has made our software actionable with our Web App, which provides customers a gateway into our database and allows them to manage their own system’s integrations.

To integrate with our software, take a look into our RESTful API documentation.

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Our Integrations

Instant Validation Tools

We can instantly verify a customer’s eligibility from cross-referencing their information or project details with what is required by the program. This capability has been used for targeted marketing campaigns and integrated with eCommerce systems to apply instant rebates at checkout for online orders.

Web Tools

Bring the functionality of the Rebate Bus Web App to your company’s website to drive web traffic and keep customers engaged! You can even manage your own product inventory to have the iFrame match rebates with your products that qualify.

Full API Integration

The possibilities of how our software can be integrated are endless, and our powerful API allows the data to flow smoothly. If your company has an active website, application, or any other online tool, consider the value in adding accurate rebate data to it to further engage your customers. You can learn more about our API’s live integrations and how it can be customized to fit your company by scheduling a demo.

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