St. Louis Intern Series — Bailee Warsing

As part of our participation in the Ameren Accelerator, Rebate Bus is bringing on board several interns during the school year. This series introduces both of them, and the goals for their internships. This is the first entry — without further ado, meet Bailee Warsing!

Bailee studied the health of Box Turtles in rural versus urban environments last year

My name is Bailee Warsing and I am from Granite City, Illinois. I am an incoming sophomore at the University of Missouri — St. Louis. I am majoring in computer science, minoring in both math and studio art with a focus on graphic design, and pursuing a certificate in entrepreneurship.

I am still fairly new to the world of computer science so I am especially excited to work with Rebate Bus and expand my skills! I have primarily worked with C++, HTML and CSS. I decided to major in computer science after spending three years working in environmental research. There I realized that I really enjoyed analyzing the data I was collecting. I am particularly interested in web development and data analysis. I also have a passion for preserving the environment and the development of clean technology. I believe that the expansion of accessible utility rebates is important for the wider implementation of energy efficient products.

While working with Rebate Bus I will be working on a few different projects. I am helping to create an image archive to allow clients to use in addition to Rebate Bus data. I am also assisting in expanding the Google map clickable utility overlay. It currently does not allow users to easily access areas where multiple utility companies service the same zip code. I will be helping make the map more accurate than zip codes can accomplish in locations where GIS data is available. This work utilizes publicly available Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission data, such as from Minnesota here or Ohio here


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We’re excited to help Bailey get more experience with working on a startup’s technology, and are grateful to the University of Missouri — St Louis for making this happen.

Until next time,

Rebate Bus


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