Summer Intern Series — Lexi Neese

We’re bringing on some new faces this summer to our software development team! This series will introduce each of the three interns and the goals for their internships. Without further ado, meet Lexi Neese!

Lexi enjoying a trip through Door County

My name is Lexi, and I am a rising junior at Cornell University studying Computer Science. I am originally from Wisconsin but have been attending school in the Northeast since my junior year of high school.

I am relatively new to the world of computer science, and almost all of my experience so far is from coursework. Thus far I have primarily worked with backend development using a few different languages, including Java, MATLAB, Python, and C. I have been around utilities my entire life. My home is Wisconsin is less than a half an hour drive from both a fossil fuel based power plant and a nuclear power plant. The area is very industrialized, with many factories using huge amounts of power on a daily basis. I have worked in one of these factories, and can appreciate the huge impact that making utility rebates more accessible could have on the overall power footprint, and by extension, the carbon footprint of these factories.

My primary goal for this summer at Rebate Bus is to create a Google map with a clickable overlay using zipcode polygons to assist customers in finding their utility company based on the relevant building location. Utility incentives are offered based on a few different factors, including product type, degree of improvement from the old product, and the utility company servicing the property. My map will make the utility company information accessible within a few clicks on a Google map, which then can prompt the available incentives based on product type. A subgoal to this is to extend the flexibility of the map and make it accessible through an iframe even from another website. I am really excited for this opportunity to extend my frontend programming skills in a real-world application.

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We’re looking forward to leveraging Lexi’s skills to expand the feature set of Rebate Bus!


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