Summer Intern Series — Quinn Riccitelli

We’re bringing on some new faces this summer to our software development team! This series will introduce each of the three interns and the goals for their internships. This is the third and final entry of the series. Without further ado, meet Quinn Riccitelli!

Quinn is spending his second summer away from Encinitas Beach near San Diego, where he was a seasonal lifeguard

My name is Quinn Riccitelli and I am an incoming Senior at Cornell University studying computer science. In addition to my computer science studies I am also interested in cultural studies and anthropology. I was raised primarily in southern California, but I was born in Utah and lived in New Jersey for several years when I was young.

I began my computer science studies in high school when I took a class on basic programming using Java. Since starting at Cornell I have further expanded upon my computer science knowledge and skills. Initially, when I was admitted to Cornell I intended to be a math major. I took Matlab as one of my requirements for math and quickly fell in love with programming. Since then I have developed skills in object-oriented programming in java, functional programming in OCaml, and systems programming in C/Assembly. I also have experience in Python programming and have used it to develop programs such as a simple backup server and client. Additionally, I developed a circuit design for a fully pipelined MIPS processor. Finally I have used Java to do some graphical programming, ranging from development of a keyframe animator, to a ray tracer for rendering scenes composed of objects made of triangle meshes and splines.

During my time with Rebate Bus I am seeking to further develop my programming skills, particularly in a professional setting. As such I have moved to Madison from California, where they are headquartered, so that I will be better able to get hands on experience working at the office. My primary task for Rebate Bus is to implement an extended user interface into the existing proposal tool for browsing rebates offered across utilities outside of lighting while still maintaining the same experience for lighting rebate searches. Additionally I will be implementing the use of pushState into the application. This will better support the back button, so it closes overlay windows that are open at first instead of leaving the page entirely.


We look forward to leveraging Quinn’s math and programming skills to make Rebate Bus efficient, and hope that he picks up some useful frontend and design knowledge working to extend our suite of tools!


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