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Rebate Bus is a registered Trade Ally with Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program for the purpose of accelerating the rebate application process on projects eligible for receiving incentives.

Home Depot customers can call into Rebate Bus to get the process started by providing our project management team with a brief overview of their project. Given the information provided, Rebate Bus will be able to quickly estimate what incentives are available and begin the fulfillment process. 


Find Qualified Products

Purchase products with either the DLC® or ENERGY STAR sticker.

Contact Rebate Bus

Follow-up your installation by calling Rebate Bus and providing them with the necessary project details.

Confirm Eligibility

Confirm that your install location is powered by one of the Wisconsin Utility Companies listed here.

Install Products

Take note of what existing equipment is being replaced and install your new qualified products.

Receive Incentives

Follow up with Rebate Bus with your project's status and provide any outstanding information.

What we'll need from you...

  • A spec sheet of the installed measures
  • A recent utility bill
  • A recent W9 tax ID form
  • A copy of bills showing energy consumed in July and August of the most recent year to verify eligibility (Small Business only). 
  • Invoice showing proof of purchase
  • Installation Date

Submit your project details...

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