Joe PaterFounder/ CEO

Joe has worked in the energy efficiency industry since 2009. He first saw the business case for an open utility rebate platform at WECC. The program teams were working in silos, for example the Wisconsin program manager rarely collaborated with the manager in Minnesota and Iowa and vice versa. It didn’t make any sense, especially since the ultimate industry goal is to increase the adoption of energy efficient products and technologies.

In 2012 Joe was recruited by MaxLite to become their utility program director. He worked there until late 2016 where he lead a team that saw an 8X increase in utility rebate program sales. In that role as a manufacturer he could see that it was nearly impossible for a nationwide company to deal with 100’s of utility programs and be effective in all markets.

The utility rebate industry is hungry for an open platform like Rebate Bus, we seek to flatten industry information and make program benefits accessible to all customers.

Joe has a family in Madison, WI – 6 kiddos.