Trade Allies

Drive Down Installation Costs with Rebate Bus as your Partner

Save Time and Money with Rebate Bus

Rebate Bus provides support services to trade allies across North America. If you have ever felt the burden of dealing with paperwork but still want the benefits of your local utility program, you have found the right place.

Ever worked on a job outside your local market? Learning a new program can be a pain. Let Rebate Bus provide support and services to help you close the deal, everywhere you want to go.

Rebate Bus files rebate applications for a wide range of energy-efficient products and equipment. We are building relationships with utilities across North America.



Focus on Business, Not Paperwork


Our team of Program Analysts specialize in submitting accurate utility rebate application forms that deliver optimal rebate amounts. We can help you understand exactly what will qualify and determine the best option for your customer.

Contact our team at anytime and will work to develop an ideal solution for your business.

Rebate fufillment rates start at 15% of the total rebate value and are reduced to 10% for Rebate Bus Pro Members.

Submit Your First Project Request Today!

Our analyst team will need the following details to deliver the highest rebates:

  • Location(s) for where upgrades or new installations are being done
  • Existing equipment information
  • New equipment information
  • Operating hours for the facility

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Trade Allies

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