Utility Program Updates — programs that were refreshed as of July!

Utility Program Updates — programs that were refreshed as of July!

For several programs in the U.S., June 30 marked the end of their current program. Many of those programs immediately had new updated programs starting on July 1.

Hawaii Energy — New LED lamps and fixtures were added to the application including corn cob LED’s! The corn cob replaces HID lamps and have rebates up to $40. This program is eligible until June 30, 2018 or until funds are exhausted.

LED Replacement for HID

NJ Clean Energy — This program also goes until June 30, 2018. NJ Clean Energy has a very clean layout on their rebate application. Each rebate name is taken from the DLC or Energy Star QPL’s!

Efficiency Vermont — Fixtures such as High Bay’s and high output outdoor fixtures have increased their rebate values! Customers should take advantage asap as the program goes until December 31, 2017.

Efficiency Maine — This program is updated quarterly, so their new program will be going until the end of September. Some highlights include generous rebates for high/low bay replacement lamps up to $275 and LED troffer replacements up to $75!

Pasadena Water and Power — Unfortunately, this program is currently closed due to funds being fully subscribed through the current fiscal year.


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