Utility Rebates tap into the Power of E-Commerce

Rebate Bus delivers an impactful customer engagement capability for both vendors and utilities with the release of its first live E-Commerce plugin.

As the team at Rebate Bus develops tools to accelerate the goal of higher energy efficiency, the team is focused on designing a simplified customer experience to get us all there. With the understanding that vendors that sell products that use energy and utility companies that sell energy that gets used share the same customers, Rebate Bus seeks to develop the software solutions necessary to connect both entities at the point of sale. These solutions ultimately promote the sale of energy-efficient products from partner vendors, while simultaneously enhancing participation in energy efficiency programs for utility companies.

Rebate Bus has begun forming this connection by implementing its Rebate API capabilities to the regional market of the pacific northwest. The company has partnered with an Efficiency Implementation Contractor offering rebate programs to customers of 26 different utility companies in the region. In conjunction with this partnership, Rebate Bus partnered with GP Conservation, an E-Commerce vendor in the region, to deliver instant rebates on all products eligible for the utility rebate program available.

The software development team at Rebate Bus brought its Rebate API capabilities live online by designing a plugin for Magento, GP Conservation’s E-Commerce platform. Mitch Vogel, the CTO of Rebate Bus, commented on the achievement of deploying the plugin by saying:

“Thanks to the hard work of our data analysis team, our software developers have been able to help our partners like GP Conservation integrate comprehensive rebate data into their sites. We’ve launched a Magento plugin, an easy-to-integrate widget, and a well documented API to make it as easy as possible!’”



The Magento plugin for Rebate Bus is yet another tool designed to deliver instant rebates faster and in a more simplified way to customers at the point of sale. As new partnerships form with other E-Commerce vendors using Magento to manage transactions, the plugin becomes grows more versatile and effective. However, since all E-Commerce vendor websites are built differently, more plugins will have to be developed and implemented in order for Rebate Bus to form connections tying utilities with online retail vendors.

Take a look at the Rebate Bus open sourced REST API now, and then contact the team@rebatebus.com on how the software solutions from Rebate Bus can go to work for you!


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