Xcel Energy Continues to Excel at Energy Efficiency

Coal is crashing to the ground, and it’s glorious! You won’t be able to see this type of majestic demolition in 2017, when the current administration praises coal generation and mining jobs. However, utilities and their regulatory commissions are finally beginning to value renewable power generation over the traditional burning of coal when deciding on which option makes the most economic sense.

“The fundamental economics of these technologies (wind and solar) is what is making these dramatic changes possible and beneficial to consumers,”

-David Eves, President for Xcel Energy in Colorado

Xcel Energy in Colorado just announced that they plan on retiring two of their coal plants by year 2025! The two coal plants were erected in the early 70’s and generate a total of 600 megawatts (MW). Replacing coal-generated power will come from competitive bid requests to fulfill 1,000 MW of additional wind, 700 MW of solar and 700 MW of natural gas power generated. Therefore, by 2025 when the coal plants come crashing down, renewable shares will rise by 26 percent to over half (55%) of all the energy produced.

“A bold energy vision that benefits our customers, communities, and the states we serve.”

-Christopher Clark, President of Xcel Energy in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota

Xcel Energy’s plan to close the two coal plants in Colorado comes nearly two years after they announced to close two units in Minnesota. Xcel Energy Minnesota plans to close two units from the state’s largest coal plant by 2026! In response, they’ve committed to developing 1,200 MW of new renewable energy sources by 2020. With Xcel Energy operating in eight states (Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin), we may see further commitments to replacing coal with renewables for power generation.

The two announcements out of Colorado and Minnesota prove that Xcel Energy is leading other utility companies in becoming environmentally and economically conscious. The Rebate Bus team’s evaluation of all their energy efficiency programs notes how easy it is for them to transact applications into rebates. This is due to their programs in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Colorado offering instant rebates and applications that don’t require pre-approvals or post-audits. This accelerates the rebate process, and as more renewables are being used for power generation, Xcel Energy will need to find a way to reduce the power being used by their customers.

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